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Protecting your family matters

True Traction is in the business of keeping people safe and reducing the likelihood of a slip and fall, whether at home, in the workplace or in the general public. True Traction is a licensed and qualified installer and product distributor of the Sure Step family of products. Based in Gimli Manitoba, Canada , Sure Step Anit-Slip floor and Bathtub treatment is produced by a company called Interlake Chemicals. Sure Step has a global footprint and a proven track record of reducing slip and falls.

Without experiencing it, our clients are saying that they would not have believed the difference that our treatments have made. We welcome and encourage you to contact us and see for yourself by scheduling your free demonstration today!

What True Traction can provide:

  • Application of necessary anti-slip treatment
  • One year warranty of all anti-slip floor treatments.
  • Curated and updated (quarterly or yearly) co-efficient of friction log. ANSI statndard DCOF readings and logs if required
  • Access to all other Sure Step products.
  • competitive pricing based on quantity.
  • customer service second to none

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